Fence Repair

Fence Repair

Wood Fence Repair

Nothing lasts forever in life. When you buy a brand new fence, one day the cost to repair won’t make sense, and you will need to replace it with a new fence. Generally, you can get a minimum of ten to fifteen years out of a fence depending on the material your fence is made out of. There are many types of fencing materials.

So, when do you decide that you need a new fence versus a repair? If you are repairing your fence every other week, then it is definitely time. Taking a look at what you have spend over the year can give you an idea if you need too. Just inspecting your fence can give you a more realistic idea though if you know what your looking at. As a fence ages, it will start to wear. Boards will come loose over time along with it’s connections. You may observe your privacy fence to start to rot. Our Texas heat seems to be the perfect climate to set wood rot into action with the humid and hot temperatures. Cracking or broken fence boards are another thing that occurs with age.

Signs you may need a Fence Repair or Replacement

Missing Parts

As time goes on, you may notice nails, screws, and metal fasteners are missing. The fence panels are meant to remain connected and stay together to create one solid fence. When you start to have wood panels with holes, that means you will need a fence repair to prevent your fence panel from blowing with the wind or allowing your dog to sneak into the next yard.

Loose Connections

Fence Repair
Fence Repair

Loose connections occur most commonly with the changes of weather from cold to hot and hot to cold. What is actually occurring is the perfect storm for loose connections. The wood panel swells and contracts with hot weather. Combine this with our humidity, the moisture allows the fasteners like screws to lose their grip. There are other things that occur like rot and decay splits wood around the connections. Lastly, rust is of concern and another way to create a loose connections over the years of owning a fence. This is another sign you need a fence repair or replacement if concerning much of your fence.

Rotting Wood Panels

As discussed, our climate in Texas is known to enhance the wood rotting process with our summer heat, sunny days, and humidity. Add that with all the rain we get to allow plenty of opportunity for your fence to fail you and require a fence guy. Even the winter weather allows your fence a chance to start to rot. Once this process begins, there is no stopping it. You can slow the process with a sealant, but it is going to happen.

Broken Boards

Once your fence is ten to fifteen years old you will see damaged wood panels caused by heat, rain, and moisture. You may have tried to protect it with moisture repellents. Once moisture seeps into the pores of your wood fence, it will cause the wood to change. The wood will bend and bow and deforming from its original shape causing the fence to eventually crack, break and warp.

Is it time to replace or repair?

The integrity of your fence is so important for a healthy fence. There is no way to stop the age of a fence despite all attempts to increase the life of the fence. The important thing a home owner must decide is it time to replace or repair. The simple answer is this- is the repair too expensive that it makes more sense to replace? If your answer is yes, you need a new fence.

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