Septic System

Septic System

Septic tanks are a great way to manage your wastewater economically, Eco-friendly, and be completely independent of your sewage system. Septic tanks filter several hundred gallons of wastewater any given day per household. It’s important that there is a place for this water to go. It’s also important to have a system that removes, cleans, and filters it. From time to time, you will need to do septic maintenance on your septic tank. Septic maintenance will keep your system running efficiently and without problems. When a homeowner is unfamiliar with a septic system like I was, they may not know they need a septic professional to pump the tank or even that you need to clean the system. My neighbor informed me of the maintenance and glad he did. Otherwise, I may have waited too long and had a septic problem occur or incurred additional fees due to it being too full.

Septic Care

A septic tank needs to be tended too when septic scum reaches three inches from the outlet device. You will know this when you have your septic tank inspected. Septic professionals can let you know the depth measurements when they check the levels. They also look for any odors or groundwater sewage contamination. This may be more of concern for tanks that have been neglected as well as older tanks. Cracks can occur in older tanks causing this kind of problem. It is rather rare but something to be aware of. Another thing your septic professional can measure is the sludge layer. This is the top layer in the tank. When it reaches about one foot from the outlet, your Septic System will require a pumping service.

Septic Inspections

Having a septic come out to inspect your septic tank is important. It should be done annually to catch any problems before it’s a big problem. Septic inspections will catch full tanks, maintenance needs, and system failures. If they find your septic tank is full or has a septic tank failure, your septic professional will recommend septic tank pumping. Your septic tank technician will know your septic tank is failing if he sees any warning signs from a septic tank backup, slow draining fixtures, or gurgling sounds from your system. Even lingering odors, surfacing sewage, and wet spots in the drain field area are signs of a septic system failure. It’s important to catch these signs before it can cause significant damage. Irrefutable damage is when solids reach the drain field. That drain field is toast at that point. No amount of septic pumping will fix that. Don’t neglect your septic system. It’s important part of your home, so don’t wait till it’s too late to fix it.

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